Sicco Faase (1978 The Hague) is a Dutch artist who lives and works in Hook of Holland (Rotterdam), The Netherlands. He studied at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam and Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts, Rotterdam. Sicco gets inspiration from human psyche, subconsciousness and behaviour. His works show a preference for clashing and harsh contrasting colors and are in the tradition of abstract expressionism. In the period 1996-2008 Sicco creates several works which show his graphic foundation. In 2018 his creativity matured for over ten years to a state in which he has no other choice then to let the paint flow again.

His works appear from subconsciousness and straight out of the used materials. His paintings seem to originate from an infinite source of characters and spirits from the past, present and future. "My paintings provoke the beholder and let feel human desires and fears, as a mirror for the soul, giving them a peek behind their own fa├žade."

"It's irrelevant who I paint, it is about when I paint them."

As well as canvas Sicco prefers wooden panels, especially oak. "Wood gives me the sturdiness and certainty that my works need. It also gives the works an extra layer of life." 

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